Sleep good, do good

Good is in our name because it is in our nature. Good Hotels are a social business, that means we champion people by reinvesting our profits to help them realise their potential. Whether that's sending children to school who would otherwise not get an education, or giving opportunities to adults to retrain to work in hospitality. It's simple: the more people stay with us, the more we can give. And the more we can give, the more good we can do. Here are some of the ways that together we are making a difference.

The Good Training Program

In 2015 we set up the Good Training Program, our bespoke hospitality training course. The program includes three months of classroom study and paid work experience. After graduating, every student has the chance to work full-time at the Good Hotel or with one of our carefully chosen partner hotels. So far we’ve retrained more than 300 employees and the success rate (people with a job 12 months after graduating) is over 70%. In 2023 we already retrained 24 people.

>> Good Training in London

>> Good Training in Guatemala

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Niños de Guatemala

When you stay at Good Hotel Antigua, we reinvest our profits to Niños de Guatemala, a foundation that was co-founded in 2007 by Marten Dresen, the founder of the Good Hotel. It provides local children with an education. At the moment there are two primary schools and a secondary school, which house over 550 children who would otherwise not have been able to go to school.

>> Visit Niños de Guatemala

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Good Global Foundation

When you stay at any Good Hotel outside of Guatemala, all excess profits go to the Good Global Foundation (GGF), which supports social causes all around the world. These are causes similar to Niños de Guatemala, which provides underprivileged local children with an education.

>> More about GGF

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Supporting the local economy

Wherever we can, we work with suppliers who are local and sustainable. Think family-owned, environmentally friendly, and hand-crafted. We support our communities by working with these unique and talented local players. In London, we work with the charitable brand Belu for all our recycled-glass water bottles, select delicious produce from UK farms and London markets.

>> Meet some of our local suppliers

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Repurposing derelict buildings

We see things a little different, we always look for the potential where others may not immediately see it. The same goes for our hotel buildings, whether it's an old mansion in Antigua Guatemala, or a decommissioned floating accommodation platform in London. We find them, repurpose them, with lots of attention to detail, and then bring them to life.

>> The platform in London

>> Our building in Antigua