The Good Hotel that floats

The floating platform

While Marten was working on the plans for the first Good Hotel in Antigua, he came across the opportunity to buy a derelict floating accommodation platform in the Netherlands. He had the idea to renovate it into a floating hotel, and take it to Rio de Janeiro for Olympic Games in 2016.

Social bus

Going to Rio

Trying to obtain the right permits for a mooring location in the bay of Rio, the team realised they would benefit from running a pop up year in Amsterdam, before towing the platform across the Atlantic just before the Olympic Games in 2016.

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And not going to Rio ...

In early 2016, due to a major macro-economic crisis in Brazil, the decision was made to no longer pursue the plans to move to Rio. The disappointment was huge, because a local team was already in place, just like a local training program as well as a partnership with the University and its hotel management faculty.

All of the sudden, the team had to start looking for a new home for the floating Good Hotel.

London calling