Landing in London

Finding the perfect spot

When Brazil entered into a deep recession in early 2016, the floating Good Hotel was due to leave Amsterdam by mid 2016. So we had to find a new destination: London.

This slider on the right shows the conceptual steps we took to make sure it perfectly fit in its new mooring spot.

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Crossing the North Sea

Once the permits were granted, the refurbishment of the floating Good Hotel started, in order to prepare it for UK standards. After months of hard work in an Amsterdam shipyard, by October 2016, the hotel was ready to be towed on top of a submersible cargo barge. Once it was safely on top, its voyage across the North Sea started. 

The Good Training program in London

In close collaboration with Newham Workplace and the Borough Council of Newham, the UK version of the Good Training was set up. Per 2017 the program started, training approximately 60 local residents per year out of unemployment. The success rate continued to be over 70%.


The program starts with 1 month of classroom study. During this month, the candidates are trained in basic hospitality skills, self-awareness and working in a team.

The second step is a 3 month internship, to prepare them for a new career within the hospitality industry. During this period, the candidates receive coaching on personal awareness, personal profile and attitude while gaining practical experience.

After graduating, every candidate has the chance to to kickstart their hospitality career, either working full-time at the Good Hotel or with one of our carefully chosen partner hotels.

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