The Good Global Foundation

We’re a social business. That means 100% of our profits go towards helping people that need it. We believe in human potential. So we put our profits where the people are and invest in our local communities.

How it started

The first Good Hotel was set up in Antigua, Guatemala, as a way to finance Niños de Guatemala — a charity that provides education to disadvantaged children.

When we started opening new Good Hotels outside of Guatemala, we decided to start the Good Global Foundation, to supports social causes all around the world.

All the excess profits from hotels outside of Guatemala are reinvested in the Good Global Foundation. The Good Global Foundation is built on three pillars: Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, just like Niños de Guatemala.


Going forward

In 2020, the Good Global Foundation will introduce a membership model, which means anyone can be a part of the Good movement. When you’re a member, you can directly help the work of the foundation and you’ll be able to vote on which causes should be supported. Plus you’ll get access to lots of advantages, like discounted stays at Good hotels around the world.

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