Local Suppliers

Our suppliers are local partners and craftsmen. True artisans. Think family owned businesses, environmentally friendly, hand-crafted produce and materials. We support our communities by sourcing and working with these unique and talented locals. Let us introduce you to some of them.

Amenities by Lucy

Lucy started Tierra & Lava following her interest in the medicinal properties of nature. For Good Hotel, she created a new tropical fragrance, which she makes in her home in the mountains of Antigua. Lucy started her company in 2007 and, in her own words, leaves out all the crap and uses only nature's finest ingredients to pamper your skin. Sounded good enough to us. Our entire amenity line is made by Lucy.

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Tiles by Juan Jose

The tile making business was founded by Juan Jose's father – after he lost his wife and mother of his 5 children. In order to provide for his family, Juan Jose's started the Tile factory, which grew into a family business over the years. Jose is the son that runs the factory today and is looking forward to teaching his two young kids the craft that he mastered so well over the years. Every tile is handmade. There a no large machines involved, only manual work and wooden molds. A true artisan.

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Iron by Jorge

Since he was 13 years old, Jorge started working in small iron workshop during school holidays. Most children in Guatemala began learning a craft at a very young age. When he turned 20 years old, Jorge started his own shop with his brother, and currently employs a total of 8 workers. He's very proud he can support his parents financially and provide his brothers and cousins with a job. Jorge and his family were excited to construct all iron items for the hotel – such as our towel racks, after the designs of Good Hotel's creative team.

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