The original Good Hotel

The start

Upon opening of the second school, Marten realised that while it was great to educate hundreds of children, that they should also be able to have the opportunity to develop their skills and get a job when they grow up.

The concept was simple, Marten wanted to combine an authentic, high quality guest experience with doing good. And in the process set a new standard in the local hospitality industry.

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The design

The renovation and design plans of Good Hotel Antigua are drawn up. The Good Hotel Antigua started to take shape on paper. The intention was to stand out from the crowd – with personal interaction, in a lush retreat, with modern design, focused on expertise in local culture, space and high quality finishes. Obtaining the right permits for the building in the UNESCO protected casco took over a year, yet permission was finally granted in October 2015.

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The construction

The construction of the Good Hotel Antigua was undertaken by a local architect and contractor. They took about a year to complete the project. The former mansion in the heart of Antigua was transformed into a unique modern designed hotel. Many local craftsmen and -women worked on the project, from the woodwork to the steel and the textiles. All furniture and finishes of the hotel were locally sourced, with the exception of the sanitary equipment.

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The opening

In late 2016, the construction works were finalized and the hotel had its soft opening. Lots of the staff were parents of the kids in the NDG schools, who were especially trained to work in hospitality. In early 2017, the official opening ceremony took place.

More about the Good Training program in Antigua
Mirna cutting ribbon

Meet Thelma

Becoming a housekeeper at Good Hotel Antigua was single-mother Thelma’s first paid job. Thelma and her friends also make traditional worry dolls for our hotels, and through this, we have given her a new opportunity to set up her own business.

Meet Melany

Melany was the first of her family to graduate from school, thanks to our charity partner Niños de Guatemala. In collaboration with NDG, Good Hotel Antigua offers the Good Academy, offering people like Melany the opportunity to gain the skills needed to pursue a career in Hospitality and to provide for herself and her family.

Meet Emilio

In Guatemala, Saúl is a brand loved by the public both for its original style and the quality of its products and the contemporary atmosphere that combines the European avant-garde with a strong Latin identity. Emilio Mendez and his family, the owners of Saúl, have partnered with Good Hotel Antigua and opened their L'Osteria Antigua restaurant as part of the hotel. Emilio explains why helping the community is a joint commitment of both Saúl and Good Hotel Antigua.