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We’re a social business. That means 100% of our profits go towards helping people that need it. We believe in human potential. So we put our profits where the people are and invest in our local communities.

Our Purpose

The Good Hotel is a social business. This means that our excess profits go to good causes around the world; we offer long-term unemployed people the opportunity to build a career in hospitality; we source locally and sustainably - from the furniture in our rooms to the food we serve; and we find interesting buildings and locations, which we re-use and upcycle.

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The Good Global Foundation

When you stay at any Good Hotel, all excess profits go to The Good Global Foundation (GGF), which supports social causes all around the world. One of those causes is Niños de Guatemala, a foundation that was co-founded in 2007 by Marten Dresen, the founder of the Good Hotel. It provides underprivileged local children with an education. At the moment there are two primary schools and a secondary school, which house over 600 children who would otherwise not have been able to go to school.

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The Good Training Program

In 2015 we set up the Good Training Program, our bespoke hospitality training course. The program includes three months of classroom study and paid work experience. After graduating, every student has the chance to work full-time at the Good Hotel or with one of our carefully chosen partner hotels.

The program started in Guatemala and, thanks to its success, was adapted so as to train people in Amsterdam and London. So far we’ve retrained more than 300 employees and the success rate (people with a job 12 months after graduating) is over 70%.

Good Training in London
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The repurposed floating platform

We see things a little different, we always look for the potential where others may not immediately see it. The same goes for our platform, our floating hotel building. We bought it when it was derelict, disused. We re-purposed it, with lots of attention to detail, and then towed it across the North Sea.

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