Our bedrooms

Every one of our bedrooms in Good Hotel Antigua is cleverly designed to maximise space, style and sleep. Interiors inspired by Dutch design, using natural, durable and re-purposed materials. Ensuite bathrooms fitted with walk-in rain showers and locally-made toiletries. And for every good night’s sleep, you help a disadvantaged child go to school for a week.

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GHAN Room Patio Bed and Terrace
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Eat and drink

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Losteria Antigua 41
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We partner with local restaurant Saúl, who serve delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes for our guests. They’re just two minutes down the road from Good Hotel Antigua. Our Living Room bar serves drinks until 11pm every day. Saúl has a great bar, too. We source our ingredients, materials and labour locally and only work with partners that offer healthy work environments and pay fair salaries.